Having identified the need for diversification, we started producing butter under the brand name Butterfly in May 2012.

Butterfly is a refrigerated type of butter. The main ingredients of the product are butterfat, water, milk solids and salt.

There are two products which exist under this brand name –

    • Butterfly Salted 200g (aluminium foil)
    • Butterfly Unsalted 200g (aluminium foil)
    • Butterfly Cake Unsalted 4.5Kg (plastic bag in carton box)
    • Butterfly Cake Salted 4.5Kg (plastic bag in carton box)
    • Butterfly Ruban Jaune 2.5Kg (laminated paper).

The products in size of 200g are mainly targeted at the consumer market while the 2.5kg and 4.5Kg are targeted at the industrial market. Butterfly Cake 4.5Kg is used for the making of puff pastry, soft pastry, cookies and shortcakes.


Today we have a loyal customer base towards the Butterfly brand. It has a shelf life of 1 year.