Table spread mainly consists of vegetable fats & oils, milk, water and ingredients. At Margarine Industries Ltd table spread exists in two different brands namely – Tara Spread and Fleur d’Or Medium Fat spread.

With time, the needs and tendencies of the market were more health-oriented.

Therefore, we considered the production of table spread under the Tara brand name in the year 2011.

Tara Spread is a refrigerated type table fat spread, made from edible, refined vegetable fats and oils (mainly sunflower oil). It naturally contains omega 3 & omega 6 (essential fatty acid) which is good for the heart and is enriched with Vitamin B6 & B12.

Tara spread is available in tubs of 250g and 500g. Since the year 2012, addition was made to the range in the form of 750g tubs to cater to the changing needs of the Mauritian market.

Approved as part of the heart and stroke foundation eating plan, Tara spread gives more choice to its customers.

It is an MS153 approved product.

This product can be used for cooking and spreading.

In June 2011, we launched the production of Fleur d’Or Medium Fat spread in the size of 500g.

The product was very successful and the production of the same was started in tubs of 750g as from February 2012.

Fleur d’Or Medium fat spread is a refrigerated type table spread, made from edible, refined vegetable fats and oils.

The product also contains Omega 3 & Omega 6 (essential fatty acid) originating from fish oil and it is also enriched with vitamin B6 & B12 thus helping against cardiovascular diseases.

Fleur d’Or is also approved by the South African Heart Foundation Association.

Fleur d’Or is mainly used for cooking and spreading.