Table Margarine

Table margarine is composed of vegetable fats & oils, water and ingredients. We produce margarine under the brands MIL and Tara.

MIL margarine is non- refrigerated type margarine, made from edible, refined vegetable fats and oils, enriched with vitamins.

MIL range was launched in 1967 in the forms of of MIL cup 250g, MIL cup 400g and MIL Tin 2.25kg. However in those times, MIL margarine was made from fish oils and other ingredients. By 1990, MIL cup 1Kg, MIL foil 125g and MIL foil 250g were added to the range of products and the product composition was changed to vegetable oils.

It was the first product of Margarine Industries Ltd which has served the Mauritian market since the last 46 years. In 2011, the packaging of the product range was revamped to reflect the changing demands and expectations of the market.

Today, MIL margarine exists in the following references: MIL Foil 250g, MIL Tub 250g, MIL Tub 500g, MIL Tub 1kg and MIL Tin 2.25Kg.

This product is intended for the public at large and it can be used for cooking & spreading, for the making of soft pastry, salted cookies and biscuits.

Tara Margarine range was launched in 1990 in tubs of 250g and 500g. At this time, the MIL brand had started to suffer from other imported margarine products which were mainly made from sunflower oil.

Tara margarine was produced to provide more choice to Mauritian customers. Tara Margarine is a refrigerated type of table margarine, made from edible, refined vegetable fats and oils (mainly sunflower oil), enriched with vitamins.

The product is rich in polyunsaturated fatty and salt. Tara margarine is now available in tubs of 1Kg as well. It is an MS26 approved product.

Tara Margarine is available in cup of 250G, 500G and 1KG

This product is mainly used for cooking and baking purposes. However, there are consumers who use it as an alternative for bread spreads.