Vita Vanaspati

Since 1967, we also produced margarine under the brand name Vita and compared to MIL margarine, it was made from vegetable oils.

However in 1990, it was suppressed as Tara margarine was introduced. Therefore, we started producing Vita Vanaspati – which was famously known as ‘Vita Ghee’.

It is a good quality confectionary and frying fat, made from edible, refined vegetable fats and oils.

The product has excellent heat resistance and shows high stability against oxidation. Vita Vanaspati is available in tubs of 250g, 500g, 1Kg, 2.25kg and 20Kg.

This product can be used for both shallow and deep pan frying and also for the preparation of sweets, prayer offerings and special dishes such as biryani amongst others.